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Train your way with our new Ultimate Athletic package, join our group classes in this studio for just £62 per month. Visit our ‘Join Now’ page for more details for a membership that’s built around you.


ATHLETIC is your chance to release your inner athlete. A clever combination of boxing and athletic training principles underpin this training method to give you a workout like nothing you’ve done before. This method has been designed to develop your speed, explosive power and cardiovascular fitness. Why? So you can perform at your best every day. 


We need to be able to move quickly, react quickly and adapt quickly. This programme will keep you on your toes and get you fired up to take on the world. 


Why Participate? 

Developing speed, agility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness will help you operate at your best everyday.


BOX is the perfect class for anyone wanting to work on their boxing technique, power punches and cardio fitness - or to let off some steam! This effective workout contains all the traditional principles of boxing and key drills to ensure each session is an absolute knockout.

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hero’s answer to HIIT training. Classes built around innovative, functional circuits that will not only improve your speed and power but also challenge your mental limits. DYNAMIC will target all major muscles in a variety of movements with minimal rest time. This is a great addition to your training in your journey to become an athlete.

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This class is the perfect hybrid of cardio and strength as you switch between boxing combos on the bag and strength training on the floor. ATHLETE is a fast paced class perfect for improving your cardiovascular fitness and feeling invincible.

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