Where you come to put your 100% into every lift, every effort, every rep. 

If you take your fitness and health seriously, hero STRONGER classes will help to give you the lean look that can withstand the rigours of life. We’re not here just to build a portrait, we’re here to make you unbreakable.

Our philosophy in this area is to move well and lift well. The programme ensures you can look great whilst laying solid foundations that ensure you can keep training for the rest of your life. We believe there is no shortcut to creating a masterpiece so step in and be prepared to do it well or not do it at all. 

You’ll develop maximal strength and endurance, which when combined develop a superior individual ready to take on the world.

Why Participate? 

Strength training builds the foundations for all major fitness goals. Developing strength gives the building blocks for great results. 

Taking part in STRONGER sessions provides you all the elements of strength and endurance training. Once you’ve selected the right sessions for your goals you’ll be able to improve strength; muscle size; lean muscle and power. Whilst, reducing injury risk and helping to improve posture.