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At the hero Wellness hub, we offer a wide range of holistic health services to support physical and mental health. We believe that fitness isn’t just about how you train, it’s also about offering support to all areas of your body and mind. We believe your wellbeing is directly linked to your physical health, and empowering this can unlock your full training potential.

We take the proactive approach, many of the services we offer are completely innovative and unique. We’ve teamed up with a range of health professionals to offer these unique services as part of your experience. Our services and how you can book are listed below.


Our whole body cryotherapy chamber exposes you to sub-zero temperatures (-80° to -140°) for 2 to 3 minutes. The temperature change triggers the natural release of adrenalin, endorphins and anti-inflammatory proteins.

This leads to increased blood flow to muscles, increases energy and mood, boosts metabolism and increases collagen production to rejuvenate the skin and body.

Prices starting from £40. Enquire for more information.

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health assessments

All of these assessments are designed to pinpoint potential health areas that may affect the effectiveness of your wellbeing routine and to kick start your journey with hero.

We offer health assessments focusing on a variety of areas, including body composition, heart health, fitness and strength, blood profiles, stress management and general lifestyle reviews.

Free for all hero members. Enquire for more information.

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Our physiotherapy sessions offer a holistic approach, beneficial for people of all ages with a range of medical conditions, disabilities and injuries that restrict mobility. Treatment can help with eliminating or reducing pain, increasing mobility, physical recovery and also reduce the risk of future injury.

We use specially trained and regulated practitioners, offering education, advice and therapies that are personally tailored to target areas of concern.

Member offers available. Enquire for more information.

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IV Therapy

IV Therapy has an abundance of benefits, ranging from boosting energy and your immune system to skin and hair nourishment. The infusion of vitamins and minerals, found in your diet but broken down in digestion, are injected into your bloodstream and absorbed at a much higher percentage.

We work with Dr Delivered, a licensed medical professional, to administer therapy's which can last between 20 minutes to an hour.

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Health Boosters

With our licensed medical professional, we offer health boosters; including B12, Hayfever injections and Biotin, each with their own unique benefits.

Our VITAboost B12 shot helps as a natural energy release to regulate sleep, mood and appetite and boost immune systems. REPLENultra Biotin  replenish the look and feel of hair and nails, and fat burner BODYboost help stimulate a higher metabolism.

Prices start from £49. Enquire for more information.

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Mind Coaching

Mind coaching is personal training for the mind. Our coach will work with you to make positive changes to your life and in doing so you will learn how to shift your mindset, make braver choices and start doing what you want and feel good about it.

Having experienced a lot of changes within themselves, our Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner is able to bridge the gap and help you identify key areas to discover and improve within you.



Our fully qualified nutritionist will offer one-to-one nutritional support and advice, food plans, meal planning preparation and anything to do with a healthy and balanced diet. As well as physical activity, nutrition is another key part of your overall wellbeing.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is an intense treatment designed to reduce tension and discomfort in muscles. It involves the manipulation of soft tissue (skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments) which can be damaged by repetitive and strenuous activity.

Particularly helpful for those who participate in sport and exercise regularly, treatments are tailored to your routine.

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We work with trained therapists to offer individual counselling services. Counselling allows you to talk about issues, helping you to find solutions in a relaxed setting.

Our private counselling room is a tranquil location for discussing issues and emotions, with a trained professional who will offer support without judgement. This all links to the importance we put upon mental health, and how this links to your physical health.

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hero's expert Psychotherapist can deliver group or 1-1 virtual mindfulness or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions. Choose from one of hero's set sessions on: Anxiety Management, Mood Boost, Building Confidence & Self Worth, Better Sleep, Developing Coping Strategies or Goal Setting In The Workplace. The session can be tailored to suit you.

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