Have the freedom to move and the balance and control to perform. Our REJUVENATE programme aims to bring your body back to its normal homeostasis. Step away from the stresses of life, the intensity of physical training and look after yourself. We only have one body! 


REJUVENATE combines various training methods to optimise your movement capabilities and build strength from the inner core. Relax you mind and stimulate recovery with our Yoga programme, develop strong posture with Pilates, then use our signature REJUVENATE programme to get your body and mind functioning optimally.


Why Participate? 

We can’t just go hard all the time, we need time to recover and replenish our body. If you're taking part in other disciplines, you’ll need to rejuvenate to keep your body functioning at it’s best. Or, if you’re just starting out or coming back from injury then this programme can help you get back into more intense training. Improve your muscular and connective tissue function whilst developing a strong core.