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Our state of the art Stronger studio has been expertly designed for  strength and conditioning training. Consisting of Olympic lifting platforms, squat racks and a wide range of weights and plates, this studio caters for everyone. The classes in the stronger studio are held at a smaller capacity and sessions are broken down into lower, upper and full body so that our members can achieve maximum results.


Why Participate? 

Strength training builds the foundations for all major fitness goals. Classes in the STRONGER studio are designed to improve your strength, increase muscle and develop power.


(Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body)

Heavy weights and lower reps is what heroMax is all about. Our signature strength class focuses on perfecting your technique and improving your strength every time you step in the studio; Open to all levels, think more Group PT than Group Exercise. Expect the pace to be a little slower but the intensity to be just as challenging. 

Great for building strength, working on technique and feeling STRONG

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hero Conditioning

All the great lifts and technical coaching you experience in heroMax but with an endurance twist using weights, assault bikes and medballs! We increase the rep range and number of exercises to really test and improve your muscular endurance. heroConditioning will challenge you with supersets, AMRAPS and EMOMS to get you lifting effectively and efficiently, even when you’re sweating and your muscles are burning.

Great for building strength, working on technique and feeling confident

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